History of Physics

A history of Physics from different perspectives and era’s.

First video starts in the time of the ancient Greeks, the second starts off in the 1600’s with Galileo Gallilei.

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Asteroid collision. What are the effects?

If the earth would be hit by an asteroid  25 times smaller than the earth would there be any significant consequences?

Rising of the sea level? Dust clouds blocking the sun? A gigantic Tsunami? Earthquakes? Total fragmentation of the earth?  Watch and see and enjoy the music by Pink Floyd.

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Higgs Boson


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How to measure gravitational waves? LIGO!

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Gravitational waves, what are they?


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Seeing One Day Pass on Earth from Space Is Beyond Stunning

Source: Seeing One Day Pass on Earth from Space Is Beyond Stunning

Nice to see the reflection of the sun on the surface of the earth

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New Planet? Planetnine (planet9) not Pluto.

According to scientists  K. Batygin and M. E. Brown there is a ninth planet in our solar system and it’s not Puto.

These guys  observed strange movements of objects (comety and rocky things) in the solar system beyond the range of Pluto (Kuyper Belt) and investigated. They calculated and came to the conclusion that these odd movements can only be explained by the presence of a large chunk of mass approximately 10 times that of the Earth with an orbit time of 10.000 to 20.000 years. (see picture below)

So there you are a planet! Even though no one has ever seen it!

Now wait a minute, wasn’t there a definition of a planet? The one used by plutokillers to demote our favorite to a dwarf. They defined a planet to be sphere-like (caused by its own gravity), to have an orbit round a centered star (sun) and to have cleared its path from all debris in its way. So, if no one has seen the planet, how can we verify this? Well in this case size does matter. If our earth can do this trick then a body equaling 10 times Earths’ mass will certainly fulfill these criteria.

With a little luck this planet will become visible right before the next ice age!

(As long as it does not turn out to be a large chuck of dark matter ;-D)


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