Fascinating – Inspiring- Understandable physics videos

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friction and Grip: picku

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january 2015


On this website I share with you my best picks for watching physics and science videos. The videos have been rigorously assessed by the toughest audience imaginable, my physics students. I hope you enjoy watching as must as they do. Feel free to add links to interesting pages to your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Sharepoint etc.

The site is just released since January 2015 and contains more than 75 very interesting videos. More interesting videos and desriptions will be added and publish via Twitter. Suggestion and tips are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help and follow.

Please send your comments to: WatchingFysics@gmail.com  


You can also follow me on twitter or you tube to watch when I add a new video / movie on my free online website.


WatchingPhysics.net: Watching physics and science videos to enjoy for yourself or to show to your students. Fascinating – Inspiring – Understandable.

Vimeo watch flipped classroom flipping.



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