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Higgs Boson


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How to measure gravitational waves? LIGO!

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Gravitational waves, what are they?


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Radioactivity in cigarettes and food

I am radioactive, therefore I am! Radioactivity is everywhere.

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Quantum levitation: the Meissner effect 2.0

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Dark Matter, Dinosaurs,Volcanoes and Asteroids: a hypothesis from Harvard

According to commonly accepted theories the Dinosaurs perished after a hit of an asteroid on the peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico. According to Harvard physicist Lisa Randall the course of the asteroid may have been influenced by a a gravity effect of

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Light duality. Dr. Quantum: particle or wave? Double slit experiment

So here is the famous double slit experiment explained by Dr. Quantum. First he explains the behavior of regular water waves and interference patterns. After this intro he shouts: “Now let’s go Quantum!” Check if you can see the same

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