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A “hologram”on your cell phone


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Can we cast a visible shadow of a flame? (a shadow of the thing that casts light….)

If you watch this (silent) video you will see a shadow of not only the candle but also the flame. How can we get a shadow that emits light? The trick is to use a light source strong enough to

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Helium and Sulfur Hexafluoride. Sound like Donald Duck or Vin Diesel

Inhale a sip of any of these two gasses and your voice will change its pitch instantaneously! The speed of sound in these gasses is much higher (helium) or lower (Sulfur Hexafluoride) causing the frequency to change. The wavelength remains

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The Electro magnetic spectrum song

This is the original electro magnetic spectrum song by Emerson & Wong Yann from Singapore. There is a lot to say about it. Maybe you want to mention the quality of the music, song or singing. This has already been done

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Candle burning under water: water, other liquid or simple reflection?

So, who again told us that fire should be put out by hosing down some water? This candle is not aware it shlould go out! It only extinguishes when someone blows it out. Hey wait a minute! Do I sense

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Holographic mobile phone: reflection of a moving image

Check out the holo jelly fish coming from your iphone android or windows phone. Cool huh? All you need is some plastic packaging material or CD box, scissors a bit of tape and the required app. Magic? Yes! At least when

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Light: Fluorescence, tonic, radium glass and other cool stuff

Take so time to get used to the Danish accent. It’s very worthwhile. Checkout the explanation behind fluoresence: exited states of electrons. Also radium glass (where to get it these days?) tonic water and even washing detergenet are lighted with

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