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Experiment gone wrong: Pedulum (and how it should be done!)

Perhaps the teacher should have stressed out that one should never lean forward in this experiment? Or perhaps he should have put her with the back against the wall? It’s a tricky experiment as can be seen from the next

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Distance: Powers of ten

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Mentos Cola Art

I am sure you know them, these mentos cola videos. Search for “Youtube, mentos cola or coke” and you will find some 500 thousand hits! Pretty millked huh? Not the EEPYBIRDS! The perform awesome cola mentos art.Watch these 3 videos: their

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How to jump the Grand Canyon with a skateboard and physics formulas

In 2005 skateboard professional Bob Burnquist nearly died in one of his first attempts to jump his board into the Grand Canyon after completing an impressive 50-50 grind. He lived and performed his spectacle and landed safely by parachute .

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Air resistance: jet stream from an airplane

Have you ever walked against the strong winds of a storm? Then you’ll know all about air resistance. Or perhaps not? Watch this strong wind , strong enough to knock down a grown man or shoot projectiles with enormous force.

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Multi Conversion of energy: Giant Thai flying firework wheel

In Thailand fireworks are taken seriously! Why not send  a simple rocket up to the skies? You may also take a giant spinner wheel and put some rockets on there. The chemical energy  is turned into heat, heat into movement

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Do heavy objects really fall faster?

If two equally shaped objects with different masses fall down, Which one will hit the ground first? a. the lighter object (light objects accelerate faster) b. the heavier object (because of higher gravity forces) c. both land at the same time (mass

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