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Be an expert at Physics!

Just follow these simple solving steps and you will never flunk a physics exam again, ehrrr. According to Jesse Mason of “Teach me” Advertisements

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Video Measurement: MIT Classic Physics Ping Pong ball falling, strobe light

Old classic video from 2009. Falling ball beautifully documented by MIT. Why is the guy wearing the funny cap?

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Video Measurement: sequential photographs of girl walking

Video Measurement as it’s meant to be!. Nice beat, sharp pictures. Only thing missing is time between pics. Let’s suppose time between pics isĀ 1 second and height of girl 1,65 m. What would be the speed of the girl?

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Video measurement: Star Wars, at what speed do the laser blasters shoot

Star Wars troopers use laser blasters to shot their enemies. We have learned that laser emits electromagnetic radiation. According to the theory rays shot from these blaster will travel at the speed of light. In other words: if you see

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SI Units. Why do we need them?

After Seeing this video or you will understand why we use an International System of Units (SI: kilograms, meters, etc.). We don’t want to keep wondering whether we are talking about African or European Swallows …..

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Create a line graph using microsoft excel

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