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Experiment gone wrong: Pedulum (and how it should be done!)

Perhaps the teacher should have stressed out that one should never lean forward in this experiment? Or perhaps he should have put her with the back against the wall? It’s a tricky experiment as can be seen from the next

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Interested in Phantoms or Physics?

From June 29th till July 2nd 2017 you can find an interesting project called “Phantoms or Physics” on the Science on Stage Festival in Debrecen, Hungary. For more information on this project you can click on this link:  

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Wire less Bungee jumping

Wow! Could this really be true? Image the possibilities. If such small magnets could do this trick our means of transportation would radically change. It would be a scientific breakthrough! If you look at the size of the magnets on the

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Distance: Powers of ten

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Mentos Cola Art

I am sure you know them, these mentos cola videos. Search for “Youtube, mentos cola or coke” and you will find some 500 thousand hits! Pretty millked huh? Not the EEPYBIRDS! The perform awesome cola mentos art.Watch these 3 videos: their

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Impression of Science fair Diverciencia in Spain

Amazing science fair in Algeciras, Spain. It is called Diverciencia (Fun-science-fair) where up to 1000 pupils from 4 to 20 show their science projects during a 2 day event on a prominent city square. Thousands of visitors!

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A “hologram”on your cell phone


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