My name is Silvio Rademaker, physics teacher at a secondary school near Utrecht in the Netherlands (Holland)

On this website I share with you my best picks for watching physics and science videos. The videos have been rigorously assessed by the toughest audience imaginable, my physics pupils. I hope you enjoy watching as must as they do. Feel free to add links to interesting pages to your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Sharepoint etc.

The site was released since January 2015 and contains more than 75 of my favorite videos. More videos and descriptions will be added and publish via Twitter. Suggestion are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help and follow.

Send your comments to: WatchingFysics@gmail.com  

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I wish you much pleasure in watching the movies my  WatchingPhysics website.



I have carefully selected to allow only decent movies to see. If, in despite my best efforts, you find passages that are offensive , indecent , illegal or otherwise negative keep in mind that such  is not an expression of my opinion or belief . Please contact me if you find a passage that I may have overlooked.

I take no responsibility for the content of the films , which lies entirely with the authors of the films. You can approach these authors By clicking to the source site (eg youtube, vimeo )



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