Wire less Bungee jumping

Wow! Could this really be true? Image the possibilities. If such small magnets could do this trick our means of transportation would radically change. It would be a scientific breakthrough! If you look at the size of the magnets on the floor and also on the man I would say that the most amazing things are the perfect cloaking device concealing the transparent rope and the creativity of the  wonderful people coming up with this fantastic idea!

Wireless bungee jump hoax fake false

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Distance: Powers of ten

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Mentos Cola Art

I am sure you know them, these mentos cola videos. Search for “Youtube, mentos cola or coke” and you will find some 500 thousand hits! Pretty millked huh?

Not the EEPYBIRDS! The perform awesome cola mentos art.Watch these 3 videos: their original Mentos-Cola organ, their succesor Mentos-Cola Domino. And their cooperation with the Blue Man Group. ENJOY!

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Impression of Science fair Diverciencia in Spain

Amazing science fair in Algeciras, Spain. It is called Diverciencia (Fun-science-fair) where up to 1000 pupils from 4 to 20 show their science projects during a 2 day event on a prominent city square. Thousands of visitors!

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A “hologram”on your cell phone


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History of Physics

A history of Physics from different perspectives and era’s.

First video starts in the time of the ancient Greeks, the second starts off in the 1600’s with Galileo Gallilei.

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Asteroid collision. What are the effects?

If the earth would be hit by an asteroid  25 times smaller than the earth would there be any significant consequences?

Rising of the sea level? Dust clouds blocking the sun? A gigantic Tsunami? Earthquakes? Total fragmentation of the earth?  Watch and see and enjoy the music by Pink Floyd.

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